Since 2003

Bohemia Carbon

The types of lamination that we offer – manual contact lamination, press moulding, vacuum process, vacuum infusion processing.
We primarily focus on unit and small-scale production to order.
We arrange for everything – starting from the design and production of the model, mould, up to the final product. The production is also carried out into the customer’s moulds.
We widely operate in the field of motorsport. We have experience with Formula 2 racing specials, autocross, hill climb. We also carry out custom-made modifications of cars and motorcycles.
We specialize in production of composite propellers and parts for ultra-light aircrafts – ULA. You can find the entire offer for ULA at
Depending on the characteristics of a particular product we use epoxy, polyester or vinyl ester resins. We carry out thermal processing and surface treatment according to customer’s wishes.
We also deal with the adjustment and thorough reparations of damaged laminated products.
Presentation of our work